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U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, center, met with UT researchers and students to discuss the future of technology-driven transportation. (Photo: Daulton Venglar/Daily Texan)

This past week across the transportation industry, major toll road and highway projects gained new ground as traffic topped the list of big-city concerns for many citizens.  Meanwhile, the American Lung Association released its annual tally of cities with the worst air pollution and, by no coincidence, the results mirrored the metro areas with the worst traffic.

Read all this and more in our weekly transportation news recap for April 27 – May 3:

Toll Roads


  • Competing road-funding bills on collision course in state legislature http://ow.ly/Mo20F
  • Americans support higher gas tax if it’s pumped back into transportation improvements http://ow.ly/Molko


  • Commuter train system plagued by breakdowns and accidents http://ow.ly/MeAdm
  • Could a reimagined I-45 become a community park instead of a commuter parking lot? http://ow.ly/MbjDg
  • Transit agency sets record with 17 million passengers, a first in its 45-year history http://ow.ly/MolDw

Mobility vs. Congestion

  • American Lung Association’s 2015 list of U.S. cities with worst air pollution mirrors metros with worst traffic congestion http://ow.ly/MnS0U
  • Austin vs. New York: Who’s traffic congestion is worse? http://ow.ly/MhN0e
  • Where does traffic rank on Houston’s top five quality-of-life problems? http://ow.ly/Mm3Xb
  • How traffic troubles Seattle’s psyche http://ow.ly/MmfSf
  • Are smart cars and smarter networks the keys to the highway of the future? http://ow.ly/McnoP
  • Secretary Foxx to college students: Tech advances can boost infrastructure and reduce traffic http://ow.ly/McnI7

Also in the News

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