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Traffic congestion is taking a steep toll on businesses in South Florida. (Photo: Miami Herald)

Here’s a Milligan Partners look at some of the transportation and business news you may have missed recently:

Toll Roads


  • See you again in two months: Congress postpones highway funding woes until end of July http://ow.ly/Nfz6p
  • A penny wise, a pound foolish: State lawmakers reject 1-cent sales-tax hike that would have supported overdue road improvements http://ow.ly/NBMbw
  • Governor chooses to accept this Mission Impossible: getting lawmakers from both parties to agree to raise gas tax to fix crumbling roads and bridges http://ow.ly/Nv6cJ
  • … but have Texas legislators struck a deal on transportation? http://ow.ly/Nv4Ur
  • $581 million contract awarded for Austin expressway project http://ow.ly/NBreO
  • Feds OK $1.1 billion interstate interchange overhaul http://ow.ly/NszZz

Commuting and Ride-Sharing



  • As long as I’m not stuck with the middle seat: U.S. airlines expect summer travel to reach all-time high http://ow.ly/N6O7q
  • Not surprisingly, their bags all look like yours: Airport braces for record 18 million summer travelers http://ow.ly/NgeAX


  • Drivers are in demand, but does trucking carry a load of health costs? http://ow.ly/Nfxto

Economy and Business

  • Best Cities for Jobs 2015 report: Who’s #1? http://ow.ly/Na3CY
  • Tech jobs surge in Austin; 5,000 tech companies employed nearly 121,000 workers last year http://ow.ly/NfrbK
  • Meanwhile, a second report says Austin-area companies also need to fill 3,000 tech jobs per year through 2024 http://ow.ly/NBpDV
  • We’re sensing a trend: Austin is tops in Texas and among top U.S. cities for hiring, cost of living and job satisfaction http://ow.ly/Nd3xq
  • Where’s the most affordable city in the United States? It’s not where you were thinking just now … http://ow.ly/Nf4S0
  • Where’s the nation’s most business-friendly city? http://ow.ly/NsFaD
  • Business hits rough patch as traffic jams up South Florida’s economy http://ow.ly/N6I8f
  • The last time oil’s share of the U.S. transportation fuel market was this low, Lucy was pitching Vitameatavegamin http://ow.ly/N72h6

Distracted Driving

  • State texting-while-driving ban gets blocked in Senate http://ow.ly/NBHAP
  • … but other agencies share focus on distracted driving, as Red Thumb campaign targets texting and cellphone use by drivers http://ow.ly/NBDS4

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(And kudos to all you happy peppy people who caught the Lucy reference.)