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We are avid supporters of the expense website/app Expensify and have been for a few years now.  Expensify helps up create and process expense reports in a flash…when we get around to doing them.  I can tell you it is a heck of a lot easier to use than what a former employer had developed (and what was dependent on a version of Java that was multiple releases out of date). I noticed on their blog a post which is worth sharing.

David Barrett is Expensify’s CEO and has always reached out to customers directly to gather input on how they can better do business.  He also posts on their blog every so often about different topics.   He reveals that their approach to emailing customers was automated but that the emails really do come to his inbox and he (or his minions) read them all.  What really caught me was the last paragraph.  He says:

I can’t overstate how helpful this was in shaping the company, and building us into the responsive, user-focused company we are today….It takes a long time to go through them all.  But I do, because “social media strategy” isn’t about the media, and it’s only loosely about strategy.  It’s really just about being social, talking with the people who like you (and those who don’t), and being responsive to those who matter the most to your business: customers, users, and those who might be some day.

It is easy to get caught up in “social media.”  What I think still gets missed is what social media is really good for…simple engagement.  I recently saw another company in our market post to Google+ about how they just won a handful of new contracts.  Honestly, who cares but their sales team and executives?  How does that engage anyone?

At Milligan Partners, we post news stories via our Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to get the word out about our industry.  In turn, it gives us some additional exposure in our market and educates us on the stories that are making news.