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In July of 2005, New Hampshire Department of Transportation rolled out E-ZPass at the Hooksett and Bedford toll plazas.  10 years later, a look back includes a quote from our own Al Almasy, former E-ZPass program manager for the NHDOT Bureau of Turnpikes in 2005:

It’s a major convenience for the motoring public.  You don’t have to worry about carrying cash. You don’t have to worry about getting receipts. There are no lines, no waiting. With dedicated lanes, it’s free sailing through the toll plazas.

The Editor at the New Hampshire Union Leader indicates things have gotten much better since then; “[E-ZPass] has made travel on state turnpikes faster and safer. Vacations at the beach or lakes or mountains no longer involve hour-long nightmare traffic jams.”

We’re proud to have Al on our team and proud of the accomplishments he helped the State of New Hampshire achieve.