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Risk management can encompass all of an agency’s operations and be controlled by a distinct risk management department, or it can be conducted on more specific levels within each functional unit on a project-by-project basis. Matt recently helped a client develop an IT-focused risk management program. He supported the effort by facilitating a strategy that included:

  • Software quality management
  • Technical reviews of IT hardware and software
  • Development and oversight of disaster recovery standards and plans
  • Change management
  • Toll system verification and validation

Matt worked with the client to develop a program document that described the program context and policy, outlined the process and activities, and assigned staff responsibilities. He also leveraged his experience with Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server to help evaluate those products as possible risk management tools. Milligan Partners’ methodology uses ISO and IEEE standards as a starting point for developing risk management programs. Each agency is unique and has varying quantities of staff with varying skill levels to administer risk management. Our goal is to help clients find the solution that is most advantageous for their organization.