We’re pleased to announce the launch of Tolling.Network through Ruuftop.io, a project we created to realize open source blockchain solutions in tolling, transit, parking, and other transportation services. Tolling.Network is a distributed ledger solution that uses Hyperledger Fabric for toll interoperability and delivers next-generation levels of efficiency and auditability.

  • Distributed: Tolling.Network is a permissioned blockchain network that allows agencies to directly communicate with each other. It eliminates the need for the current hub-based interoperability model.
  • Secure: Tolling.Network uses Hyperledger Fabric’s private, secure channels and encryption to protect transactions and customer data.
  • Smart: Tolling.Network uses smart contracts to create digital interoperability rules. Toll agencies can tailor their business rules for each organization they interact with—no need to conform to a consortium’s set of rules.

Tolling.Network is a groundbreaking technology for toll operations. “For at least the last ten years, the US toll industry has been trying to solve the problem of National Interoperability, and we believe the long-term solution is blockchain technology. We believe that an open-source project is the right way to go. Government agencies need a cost-effective and innovative option, which hasn’t existed… until now.” said Matt Milligan, Managing Partner of Milligan Partners and Co-Founder of Ruuftop.io.

“When we started the Tolling.Network project, we were drawn to Hyperledger because it doesn’t rely on cryptocurrency. We understand how much toll agencies need security and stability, and that’s what we designed Tolling.Network to provide,” said Tyler Milligan, Managing Partner of Milligan Partners and Co-Founder of Ruuftop.io.

For more information, please visit Tolling.Network. For other Milligan Partners blockchain projects, visit Ruuftop.io.

Read the original concept white paper here.