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Trammell Crow Park, in Dallas’ Trinity River floodway, sits flooded after weeks of rain.
(Photo credit:Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News)

Another soggy week makes a good time to stay off the rain-drenched roads and catch up with our transportation news recap.

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Toll Roads



Commuting and Ride-Sharing

  • In a car-obsessed city, learning to love mass transit http://ow.ly/MHcaB
  • They’re not in Kansas anymore: Uber calls it quits in Sunflower State http://ow.ly/MB0Eo
  • In apparent effort to reduce reliance on Google Maps, Uber submits $3 billion bid for Nokia service http://ow.ly/MIxNQ
  • From Point A to Point B: Which interstates are the most direct? http://ow.ly/MxCZD




  • Inventing a way to block texting while driving http://ow.ly/MO19B
  • Mayors discuss how technology helps residents meet the challenges of metropolitan life http://ow.ly/MXqjQ
  • Chicago Transit Authority rolls out technology to help with chronic bus delays http://ow.ly/MP4U4

Economy and Business

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