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For operational testing, we work to integrate V&V into the overall quality assurance process and focus on the operations and maintenance life cycle phases.

The verification and validation model provides a cross-disciplinary analysis of key performance indicators and verifies that systems operate according to performance requirements and agency expectations.

Typical verification and validation activities include analyses, evaluations, and tests that may be performed by one or more project groups—the software developer, project management, quality assurance staff, and V&V managers. Verification and validation analyses are complimentary to daily system checks and reconciliation activities. For example, monitoring known customer accounts over time, trending historical failures, and conducting end-to-end transaction tests.

We work to ensure a holistic approach and facilitate productive communication through the process. Although system failures cannot be eliminated, our methods monitor long-term and short-term trends in order to provide a proactive environment and minimize the effects of known risks.

Additional Resource: IEEE Std 1012-2012