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Milligan Partners is a technology and management consultancy. We’re your partner, helping you reach today’s goals and navigate tomorrow’s challenges.

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We are Strategists.

Mobility Innovation

New technologies and emerging modes of transportation are bringing new opportunities for the transportation community… and new headaches. We help you deal with the day-to-day impacts of these innovations and create forward-thinking strategies for partnerships that promote safety, build trust, and improve the customer experience.

Business Process Management

Good business process management helps you when you need it most. Along with being good practice, it’s an often-overlooked safety net and a critical piece of business continuity. We offer a full range of support targeted on practical solutions that help you establish or improve your BPM. Read more…

Change Management and Change Control

The impacts of change on people and organizations, whether it’s large restructuring changes or smaller process changes, cannot be understated. We help you plan and execute change to realize your goals and improve your operations. Even down to the day-to-day aspects of change control, governing new implementations, and keeping new projects on track, we’re your trusted partner.

We are Technology Specialists.


Technology and Operational Assessments

Technology is always changing, so having an innovation advisor on your side is a game changer. We help you steer your business and the technology you use in the right direction—staying up to date while moving at a pace that’s right for you.

System Procurements

For government agencies, technology procurements can be challenging. To be successful, the process must look beyond the text of the procurement documents. We help you with procurement strategy, planning, industry coordination, and innovative methods for achieving your goals while staying within your governance constraints. Our experience ranges from business IT systems, to telephony, to toll systems and customer service centers.



Milligan Partners helps clients research, conduct public outreach, and build education projects that improve transportation, workplace, and economic development policy. Through strategic positioning we also help you identify, create, and coordinate opportunities to publicize your research and events.


Quality Assurance & System Testing

It takes a holistic view to create and develop a good quality assurance program. We help you look at your business and focus your efforts in the right areas. From quality assurance, to quality control, to the various levels of system testing, we’re there to help you make sure your processes and technologies are meeting your requirements.


Independent Oversight

Milligan Partners is your trusted advisor for project coordination, system and operational audits, policy interpretation, and independent liaison and negotiation roles. We have extensive experience working with and mediating for public and private agencies and mixed consortiums on transportation and mobility projects.

IT Support

We help you support your infrastructure and systems. Our team has expertise in everything from help desk, to application support, cybersecurity, networking, cloud services, big data, and business intelligence. We’re flexible and provide the skills and personnel you need through consulting services, staff augmentation, or temp-to-hire solutions.

We are Creative Thinkers.


We created Ruuftop to develop blockchain solutions that can streamline the services that drive our communities. Through Ruuftop, we’re investing in new ideas with open innovation to reimagine transportation services and create new possibilities. Read more…


Tolling.Network is a distributed ledger solution for toll interoperability.

Built on Hyperledger, it allows transportation systems to be fully interoperable without going through a central hub, and its peer-to-peer network is scalable beyond today’s P2P models. Read more…


MyCity.ID is self-sovereign identity solution to aid the public in applying for government programs and benefits.

MyCity.ID won NYCEDC’s annual flagship civic innovation challenge in 2019, the NYC BigApps Blockchain Innovation Challenge.

Read the NYCEDC Press Release.

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